A message from our President

We at Los Cabos Pools, Inc. opened the New Year cautiously optimistic about the opportunities that lie ahead.

This is an exciting time for us as we continue our history of innovation and lifestyle.

Throughout the years, all of our clients have been extremely satisfied and we get leads through their utmost recommendation and “word of mouth”. The success of our business is a direct result of our continuous commitment to providing the highest level of customer satisfaction across all of the customers we serve.

Some people find having a swimming pool and backyard living area as a luxury but we see it as a classic living.
A place where families and friends bond together and find euphoria, serenity, and simply the joy of
companionship. We design and build based on our clients’ dreams, needs, and passions.

We are true to our promise of lifetime customer satisfaction and true value of quality living.

I now invite you to experience a classic living of owning a masterpiece from Los Cabos Pools, Inc.


Javier Maldonado

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